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Caramel Cake Adorned with Fruit

Smooth, Elegant Perfection

Maybe you remember the taste of your grandmother's caramel cake.  Maybe you have never even tasted one.  Or maybe you have tried to make your own, only to end up with grainy or watery icing.   Our icing is not melted caramel squares or a mix you will find in a store.  It is made with fresh cream and sugar, hand-browned on the stove, and spread onto our famous pound cake layers.  Making caramel icing that is smooth and creamy is an art, one that we have perfected so that you may enjoy that homemade taste every time.

Twelve years ago, Marie Salter began home baking small caramel loaf cakes for sale in her father's general store.  Soon the word got around about the cakes and  requests for her cakes were more than she could fill.  Delicacy stores in the area were constantly requesting more of the cakes for their shelves.  After expanding the kitchen to meet demand, we are now offering these cakes to you over the web.

While we make several sizes of caramel cake, the most convenient size for shipping is the 2-layer cake.  We ship this cake in a 3 lb. reusable tin.  (Please see our contact page for details on other sizes and how to order.)  These cakes also make an excellent gift...but beware, if you taste it first, you will not be able to give it away. 

Thanks for visiting our little home here on the web.  We hope you will try our Classy Caramel.